Why me

How many jobs do you know that require the following skill sets: psychologist, motivational speaker, reference guide, general contractor, office designer, software consultant, digital-highway sign man, equipment repairman, practice management advisor, inventory coordinator, and by the way, salesperson?

Many dental professionals mistake the role of their “rep” (a term that grossly understates their value) as one of an order facilitator. Giving me an order is only a thank you for the services I provide your practice, not an end in itself.

I can and will do so much more than just deliver dental products to your practice. Heck, there are a number of ways to get the same dental products without using a salesperson. However, if you will take some time and “interview” me, or better yet, allow me to interview you, so much more can come out of our relationship. Your practices’ needs can be fitted with their menu of services to form a gestalt that works for both parties. There are few relationships in business that are truly “win-win,” but this is one that absolutely can be.

As an example, I provide a service called a “Digital Practice Analysis Tool” or DPAT. (Sorry about the acronyms; they are part of the Schein culture). The average DPAT shows more than $150,000 per year in opportunity for a dental practice. Some of this opportunity is easier to bring home than others, but having it in a professionally packaged format, provides a great reference for improving the bottom line of any dental practice.

The average dental practice spends approximately $35,000 per year in dental supplies and another $10,000 in equipment and technology. How would you like that for free? I can provide that for you. Just by taking some practice management suggestions, I can help you grow your revenues and your practice’s profitability substantially and effectively get your supplies and regular equipment purchases for free!

I can be a true friend to your practice can do so much more than just getting you your supplies. However, many dental professionals won’t allow me the level of intimacy needed to get all of the benefits they have to offer. This is truly a loss for the practice, as many dental professionals who have “taken the plunge” will attest.

The product/equipment/technology advice I can give you is worth its weight in gold alone. How many things have you purchased over the years, only to regret it later? I won’t eliminate that but they will minimize it. How many free offers come your way? The average practice takes advantage of less than 20% of the free goods available to them. I can dramatically raise that percentage.

Where are you on the digital highway? There has never been a time in history where technology in dentistry has moved faster than today. This brings many benefits and challenges to a practice. I believe Henry Schein has the widest array of technology options of any dental supply company. As an FSC, I understand them and can bring experts into your practice to guide you in your decisions. There is no one right digital path for everyone. Only an intimate relationship with me and Henry Schein can make sure the path you are on is the right one for your practice.
I could go on and on. However, suffice it to say that the Field Sales Consultant is undervalued and underappreciated in most dental offices. And frankly, we sometimes probably don’t do the best job of telling our story and explaining what we can do for you. Take a few minutes (30 maximum) and sit down with me and watch what happens…I will turn into a Field Sales Consultant before your eyes!