The Adventures of “Dr. CEO” and “Dr. Reactive”
Minor Changes Produce Dramatic Results

Dr. CEO is energized by her work. She is enjoying another record month as she continues to build the practice of her dreams.

Dr. Reactive is in the lab talking to a colleague about “how everyone is slow” and how “they hope things turn around. Another year of waiting until the end of December to see how it all shakes out.

Dr. CEO has scientifically reduce her supply bill to the lowest possible point.

Dr. Reactive still has concerns about his inflated supply bill, or his assistant buying too much product or running out of product. He assumes there has to be a better way but “this is the way they have always done it”

Dr. CEO enjoys a continuous flow of the type of patients he desires in his practice by tapping in to the most powerful marketing tool in the world.

Dr. Reactive spends in excess of $10,000 per year on a yellow page ad that she suspects is good for little more than attracting emergency patients that don’t pay for her services. It’s hard to tell since she has no system in place to measure the results.

Dr. CEO has reduced her broken appointment rate by 33%. She also enjoys her high rating in Google and the certified reviews she gets daily from her patients.

Dr. Reactive
has an admin team that spends the bulk of their time playing phone tag with patients they HOPE will show up.

Dr. CEO is crystal clear on what differentiates her practice from all others. As a result decision making and marketing are stress free and effective.

Dr. Reactive continues to throw money at ideas he hopes will bring him new patients. Most of his patients assume all dentists are the same.

Dr. CEO has candidates lining up for the opportunity to be a part of his “Best in Class” team.

Dr. Reactive is once again looking to fill a void on his uninspired team. Since most of his time and thoughts are consumed by being sued for unemployment once again he resorts to asking everyone he knows if they know someone that is looking for a job. Deep down he realizes that in most cases there is probably a reason they are looking for a job.